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Help to fulfill the promises of tourism as a positive transformative force on and with local communities.

Support Wellness of Land and People


Wellness of Land and People ® is about aligning successional custodianship with proprietorship and not about Land and People becoming servants to the Tourism industry.


Land is Nature and People is Culture.


We respect the privileges and responsibilities that come with collaborating with local communities who have evolved generational relationships with their Land to manifest a Story of Wellness that is unique and special to Place. ​


The focus of Wellness of Land & People ® is to make Tourism a beneficial community-centric business by:

  • building and evolving sustainable relationships between the Land and People of each Place

  • ideating and formulating collaborative programs for growing new local businesses and entrepreneurship to maintain a generational sense of belonging ​​

  • introducing innovative protocols that bridge knowledge of Nature and integrate clean technologies to drive new frontiers

  • ​​ developing a virtual vault for safekeeping the indigenous legacy and Stories of each Place, encouraging the preservation and revitalization of local traditions and culture which are the very elements today’s travelers are seeking to experience

Wellness of Land and People brings together a stellar highly experienced team to achieve the greatest values for all stakeholders to formulate unique positioning roadmaps that nurture the intrinsic physical qualities of Land and People and integrate clean technologies financed by green infrastructure funding as key differentiators for the delivery of sustainable and regenerative projects for communities

Image by Blake Verdoorn
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