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The Conscious Attention
Economy (CAE) Initiative 

Imagine a world where technological advancement, media, and advertising are harmoniously aligned with the well-being of all life and in support of a regenerative economy.

Our Focus And Goals

Our goal is to support the development of an ethical and value-based economic system that puts individual well-being, personal sovereignty and a verdant natural world at the center of human attention in order to achieve the United Nations SDGs in our evolving mixed-reality societies. To enable all stakeholders, those who create, collaborate, contribute, design, teach and engage in attention-based systems, to work, live and thrive in a world that is supported by an ecosystem based on these shared values. 

Support Our Work

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It is our intention for the Conscious Attention Economy Principles to inspire innovation for building new attention-based business models, technologies, online environments, policies and education for all aspects of society.


The Universal
Conscious Attention Economy Principles

The Conscious Attention Economy Principles provide a foundation for an adaptive, regenerative ecosystem that generates value for individuals, society and the natural world with each unique online experience.

Decision-making that affects attention should use these principles as a source for guidance. Human and natural well-being should be the paramount concern in the implementation of attention-based systems. We can all contribute to greater well-being through conscious awareness of how we use our own attention.

A Cooperative and Regenerative Ecosystem

The principles we propose are based on biomimicry, the generative pattern of nature and the natural inter-relatedness of people, organizations, systems, and things.  Ultimately, these principles will help stakeholders cooperate and collaborate for the good of all, creating a continuous regenerative spiral.


Our Roadmap

We strive to create a Conscious Attention Economy – an ecosystem of reciprocity where human well-being, mutual benefit, and environmental stewardship are the cornerstones of innovation and economic prosperity

Key Focus Areas

  • Support a sustainable & regenerative advertising economic model

  • Enhance global policies around ethical attention management

  • Uplift planetary-centric UX  & product design practices

  • Combat misinformation, disinformation, and societal polarization

  • Develop and promote ethical artificial intelligence practices

  • Develop CAE-aligned curricula for students & professionals

  • Bring together diverse stakeholders to elevate attention-based systems

  • Achieve the UN SDGs in digital, physical, and mixed reality ecosystems

  • Champion data sovereignty and data privacy practices

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