your unique passions and goals can be manifest through the embodiment of a Permaculture lifestyle, through self-care, care for others, and service to Gaia.

The Diamante Luz Foundation recognizes that many of the root problems of this world (as named by the United Nations through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)) can be solved by simply planting trees and joyful service.   At Diamante Luz we are bringing the tools and structures to co-create sustainable, adaptable, solutions to many of the root problems of the world .

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The Diamante Luz Foundation is a Syntropic Permaculture Farm, community process, and one of the first nodes (aka “boots on the ground”) of The Diamante Bridge Collective.  We currently have strategic global finance partnerships with SDG Impact Fund (www.sdgimpactfund.org) - with Giveth (www.giveth.io), a digital ledger technology for accountability, traceability and transparency within a blockchain based fund management platform - and Gaia Giveth (www.gaiagiveth.org), a curated regenerative philanthropy portal for earth restoration projects, bringing access to meaningful work and food security.


Through these partnerships, and with a growing army of volunteers and lovers of Gaia, we are working to protect and serve the Greater Diamante Valley and Diamante Watershed in Costa Rica.  Then… Beyond…

 475 E. Main St. #154 Cartersville, GA 30121

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