Giveth’s mission is to connect people, projects, and resources that facilitate and incentivize social impact with a transparent framework for distributing funds.


Giveth supports efforts like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and other cause-driven efforts, by making it easier for grassroots communities doing the work on the ground to access funds. Giveth is at the forefront of bridging legacy philanthropy with digital ledger technology in charitable giving.

Support Giveth 

Our system connects Givers directly to the people on the ground, the Makers, and provides a level of transparency and accountability no other platform can offer.


Giveth’s decentralized donation management application supports transparent impact measurement in real-time, using blockchain technology. Your contribution supports the forefront of new governance models in philanthropy, in tandem with our strategic partnerships with The Commons Stack, Token Engineering Commons, SDG Impact Fund,

Panvala and Gaia Giveth.


There is no wrong way to support public good, and the Giveth DApp allows you to give any currency, in any amount, see exactly where it was used, and how it aided the desired collective impact.


Not-for-profits and nonprofits are dedicated to supporting public and planetary good, often at their own expense. That’s amazing! But crypto-economic systems can create value-based economies that enable public goods to support themselves without personal sacrifice. And that is revolutionary.


To learn more, partner or participate, please visit

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