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Join us in bringing participatory grantmaking to Impact DAFs

and beyond!


We provide access to Ethelo, the world’s leading digital democracy and group decision platform, for collective fund allocation and stewardship!


Support The eDemocracy Lab

“The solution to the ills of Democracy is more Democracy.”
John Dewey.


Help us democratize philanthropy by engaging stakeholders and communities in the decisions that affect them!


Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a democratic, decentralized and digitally-powered governance for a healthier society and planet.


More than $100M has been democratically granted using Ethelo’s award-winning - and the world’s “most innovative” - digital democracy platform

eDemocracy Lab supports DAFs, foundations, cities, DAOs and other organizations to conduct fair, transparent and democratic group decision processes.


We specialize in financial decisions and public decision process:

  • Financial Decisions: Budgeting and fund allocation, particularly grantmaking.

  • Public Decisions: Large-scale, high impact public decision processes such as climate planning, carbon budgeting, and policy development

We are powered by Ethelo ( - ranked #1 in the world for digital democracy platforms -  designed to enable groups to reach consensus on complex decisions.


ALSO: We help cities and government agencies engage groups! Ethelo has been used by more than 150 local governments and government agencies to directly engage experts, stakeholders and communities in major decisions including: Government budgets (more than $10B allocated through Ethelo!) Climate policies and carbon budgets Planning processes and capital projects Dozens of case studies, including but not limited to city budgets, community plans, land use bylaws, infrastructure budgets, carbon budgets, and 
water management.

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