Join us to support the DustAid Foundation, a non-profit supporting the mission of DustAid, a charitable platform which aggregates cryptocurrency dust and micro donations and converts it into life changing donations to charitable projects all over the world

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DustAid Foundation 

DustAid was formed in response to the many criticisms being faced by traditional charities. We see an opportunity with Blockchain technology to create a transparent ecosystem which delivers donations directly to the people who need it the most. By partnering with a wide range of Blockchain projects, exchanges and wallets, DustAid also intends to help cryptocurrency traders and investors utilise the “Dust” left in wallets to make a difference. We will help you clean up the dust and send it directly to a range of smaller Global charity projects where it will make a huge difference.


The DustAid Foundation is looking to continue their support of the DustAid platform, which aggregates cryptocurrency dust and micro donations and converts it into life changing donations to charitable projects all over the world in support of the  

Sustainable Development Goals.

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