We exist to preserve, research and share the natural and cultural heritage of the people of Gabon, for the benefit of all humanity. We are dedicated to ensuring that this is done fairly and sustainably, thereby protecting the rich resources of the Gabonese forest as well as promoting the traditional way of life of the Gabonese forest people.

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Our most known work is in the protection of the Iboga Plant - from which the compound Ibogane is naturally derived. This (and many more) compound, while being largely promoted as a useful treatment for addition and opiate withdraw, has many other beneficial effects, are have not been as studied do to the attempted "fast-tracking" of the plant's harvesting solely for opioid studies.  One of our commitments is that the country of Gabon is not ravished by poachers, and/or destructive harvesting practices would render the county void of this (and many other) highly useful plant species.


In this way, Blessings Of The Forest offers its support to Gabonese indigenous communities and public bodies, ensuring that the Nagoya Protocol, which was ratified by the Republic of Gabon on the 21st November 2011, is strictly adhered to, ensuring access to inherited resources and a fair and equal share of the profits they bring, in accordance with the Convention on Biological Diversity.


Blessings of the Forest is looking for partners and funding to continue this essential work and growth of the Gabon ecobusinesses in support of the

Sustainable Development Goals.

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